4 thoughts on “P50 – Avila

  1. For the future directions, how would you go about isolating the Isby’s enzymes, integrases and recombinases in order to make biotechnology devices?

    1. Chromatography is a family of techniques used to separate proteins based on characteristics like size, charge, or affinity for ligand. Based on my research, I would start by identifying the ligand bonded to the enzymes and immobilize the ligand by a column to isolate the enzymes.

  2. I thought your presentation was absolutely fantastic! I was wondering, what does a phage being “temperate” in the cloudy region of the gel mean to your results?

    1. Hello, if you’re referring to the pcr I would say that the temperate phage would probably have a gene responsible for the cloudy region of the gel since the pcr amplifies the DNA of the phage. If you’re referring to figure 3 it would be the same answer. Overall I wouldn’t know completely.

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