8 thoughts on “P53 – Koessi

  1. Hi Karlee, I was just wondering to continue with your studies on your phage, would you have any success assaying your phage in different bacterial species?

    1. There may be success assaying my group’s phage in a different bacterial species, but as of now that remains unknown because it is unclear what specific bacteria other than M. smeg that Jerald will target.

  2. What would determining your phage’s cluster tell you about your phage?

    1. Determining the cluster of our phage would help breakdown the identity of our phage even further, along with putting it into a cluster along with other very similar phages.

  3. If you could do another experiment after determining the likely cluster of the phage using PCR what would you like to find out? Are there any experiments that might test how promising a candidate these phage is for potential use in phage therapy?

    1. I think it would be interesting to do further testing on our phage in order for it to be used for phage therapy. There are many steps that need to be completed in order to allow a phage to be used for phage therapy, so it would have to go through multiple steps of testing.

  4. After the phage has been identified to have potential clinical uses, what are the next steps to test other than further characterization?

    1. If this phage has been identified to have potential clinical uses, the next steps in order to determine if it can be used in phage therapy is to put it through multiple tests and trials in order to determine that it is safe. Specifically, it would be very important to find what illnesses our phage could infect.

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