8 thoughts on “P30 – Herlory

    1. While it did not effect the phage itself, it did mean that we could not archive the phage.

    1. Other labs ran PCR that confirmed the cluster and we were told it was the same phage by the professors and TA. Unfortunately beside EM we were not able to perform any other experiments that were successful.

    1. An O cluster is part of the Siphoviridae family that have a different and unique morphology that differs most phage

  1. I really liked your presentation. Why did you end up having 2 phages and did you end up purifying them from each-other on separate assays?

    1. This phage contaminated our phage and several others in both of the labs. We believe this could be due to a contamination in the phage buffer when flooding or it could be airborne.

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