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  1. What about the electron micrograph suggested that Gortil is a siphoviridae phage? Is it just because of the general structure of Gortil? Does this designation have any important implications with the research?

    1. Hi! Gortil’s long tail indicated it belonging in the siphoviridae morphotype. Siphoviridae phage are known to have long, contractile tails. In being a siphoviridae phage, Gortil can be used in different research applications (i.e. mostly phage therapy), and contributes to biodiversity of phages and deepens current phage research.

    2. Hi! We identified Gortil as a siphoviridae phage, as siphoviridae phage have long tails, and Gortil’s tail measurements fell in the average tail measurements for siphoviridae phage. The different phage morphotypes contribute to biodiversity, and help to strengthen/deepen current phage research (i.e. phage therapy!).

  2. Hey great presentation! You mentioned for future directions wanting to see how gortil reacts to different temperatures, what would that tell you about it/make it an important thing to study in the future?

    1. Hi Acadia! Studying how Gortil reacts to different temperatures and environments will give us more information and metrics on how useful Gortil can be in phage therapy. Another application of this research could be in the agriculture sector (i.e. making solutions of various strains of phage and giving them to livestock or spraying on produce prior to produce reaching the grocery store).

    1. Hi Andy! We used the phamerator website, where we logged our restriction enzyme cuts, and they were later identified to be a 66% match with the F cluster via phamerator.

  3. Awesome job! You mentioned that Gortil should be genetically modified before being used in phage therapy, what is one way that it could be genetically modified to make it more effective?

    1. Hi Taylor! Great question! Since Gortil is a temperate phage, we know that Gortil won’t infect and replicate within all of the bacteria in its region. Lytic phage have very clear plaques, indicating a full infection and replication on the region its occupied in. In this scenario, we would modify Gortil to be a lytic phage, so that Gortil could be used in phage cocktails to treat patients with antibiotic resistant bacterial infections.

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