6 thoughts on “P57 – Kirk

  1. What can you do after you find out what cluster our phage belongs too, What will it tell you about the phage?

    1. There’s a lot of other research that can be done. You can research what specific genes are responsible for in the phage. There is a ton we still don’t know about phages, so these phages can be used to understand mechanisms of their lifecycles.

  2. What is the significance of temperate phage research in the greater scheme of things? What kinds of uses are there for temperate phage?

    1. Hi Claire,

      Temperate phage DNA could potentially be used to introduce specific genes into a host cells DNA. So their genetic material and their mechanisms for entering their host DNA can be studied and applied in other research.

  3. Do you think that after all the future directions have been completed, that your phage will be effective and able to treat diseases or identify specific mutations within genes?

    1. So the fact that it’s lysogenic means that it might not be the best type of phage to use to treat diseases, but lysogens have other uses in biotech like for introducing new genes to those of host bacteria for other research. So definitely a possibility to be used in future research.

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