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  1. Discovery lab was very different than your experiment so could you explain some of the safety precautions and PPE you had to practice in order to prevent contamination etc.?

    1. Hey Shreya good question,
      we didn’t have to use much PPE but we had to perform sterile technique before most of the experiments, by just turning on the Bunsen burner to create a sterile field. We also sterilized the tops of the agar jars before, and just made sure not to touch the tips of pipettes or anything like that.

    1. Temperate phages are new to the medical and antibiotic world currently because the lytic phages are more beneficial for antibiotic properties. So in the long term, there could be a lot of benefits of this phage after experimental research is more thoroughly conducted of temperate phages.

  2. Could it be possible that one more than one morphology could produce cloudy plaques? Is there an experiment you could run to verify morphology?

    1. Yes this could be possible, especially because we were just deciding between temperate and lytic. Some had the possibility of being contaminated too just because of the lab aspect. However, if we had the equipment, a macromorphology test could be ran on the phage in order to verify its morphology and compare it to similar phages.

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