8 thoughts on “P33 – Spitler

    1. That is our hope! Once additional experiments are performed to determine the correct cluster it belongs to and it can be sequenced, there is a chance it can be used in a phage cocktail, with other phages that also infect the target bacteria strain.

    1. Phage therapy is super important to treat bacterial infections that are not responding to antibiotics.

  1. what is siphoviridae and what is the significance of it belonging to a given cluster?

    1. Siphoviridae is a family of bacteriophage and this along with the cluster it belongs to help us to identify the phage and what functions it may have as well as whether it could be used in phage therapy.

  2. You concluded that Mango-E appeared as belonging to both cluster A and O, does this occur often or is it more rare?

    1. So Mango-E does not actually belong to both cluster A and cluster O, rather these were the results of two different experiments, meaning that our results were inconclusive until additional tests could be performed to determine which of these results was accurate. Since the cuts on the restriction digest gel are counted based on what we can see by just looking at the gel, and then imputing those numbers into a computer program, there is going to be some amount of error present in these results. Therefore, I would consider these inconclusive response to be pretty common with the low amount of tests we perform. With every additional experiment performed, the results become more and more accurate.

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