6 thoughts on “P64 – Froggatt

  1. Could you go into a little more detail about the difference between the enrichment plaques and turbid plaques and why this was done?

    1. Hi Regan,
      Our enrichment plaque assay results contained both a temperate and lytic phage species, however the purification plaque assays had yeilded only the temperate phage. The nature of the phage isolated was not purposeful, it was the only phage that appeared after the spot test.

  2. Hey! I really liked your presentation. A question about the beginning of your experiment, you mentioned that you picked a plaque to use for the rest of the experiment from the first plaque assay, but how did you decide which plaque to use. Additionally, how can you tell on a plaque assay if the phage was lytic or temperate?

    1. Hi Annie,
      When we picked our plaque from the enrichment plaque assay, we scrapped from more concentrated areas of phage. Although lytic would have been the preferable phage to isolate, the temperate phage was the only result on the spot test performed before purification.

  3. How do you think environmental factors like UV rays and temperature extremes would impact the phage’s life cycle?

    1. Hi Taryn,
      I would expect these extreme environmental factors to induce the lytic cycle in lysogens and prophage recombination out of the host.

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