8 thoughts on “P35 – Jayaprakash

  1. Great poster! You mentioned that the temperate phage can be genetically modified to be used for phage therapy. I was wondering how strenuous this process would be and how viable this specific phage would be for possible treatment use.

    1. It’s still in the process of being researched, so this currently would probably be a pretty extensive process. This specific phage would probably be pretty viable since it has a very thin cloudy ring, meaning that most of the phage in the plaques have already gone through lysis.

  2. Do you have any idea how you would go about genetically modifying the phage to enter the lytic cycle?

    1. I’m not too sure since this is still being researched, but I would think that it would have something to do with suppressing the function of the integrase protein or removing it so the phage would go straight to the lytic cycle rather than first entering the lysogenic cycle.

    1. This would help us figure out what conditions the phage would work best under. For example, some phage may be more effective in the conditions of the human body, while others would be used for other purposes, such as agriculture.

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