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  1. Hi! Could you expand more on what is meant as a cluster or exactly what makes the identity of a Phage fit into a specific cluster? Thanks for the great presentation!

    1. Hi, thank you so much! As for the cluster of phage it is mainly determined through the Phage Database website after you upload evidence of a phage finding, as well as the lifecycle. For example, our phage was large and turbid, meaning it had went through a temperate lifecycle, which typically fits into the Cluster A category of phage.

  2. Hello! Can you reiterate the motivation for your research? Specifically connecting the dots between antibiotic resistance in a medical setting and DNA insertion? Thank you and good job!

    1. Hello, thank you very much! The main motivation of our research within this lab is to research and possibly discover a phage that can be used within phage therapy as an alternative to antibiotics, due to the increase in resistance from bacteria. Since phage works to evolve with bacteria, there is a low chance the bacteria will build up any immunity to it overtime but a question that may come up with phage therapy is how the body’s immune system will react towards the phage being inserted to counter the bacteria.

    1. We are able to confirm the cluster of phage is cluster A because of its physical characteristics as well as the lifecycle it goes by. After sending it through to the Phage Database, we were given the answer that our phage is cluster A which consists of phage that typically follow the temperate lifecycle and can be described as large, turbid plaques.

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