6 thoughts on “P38 – Gardner

  1. Do you know if this phage is the same O cluster corndog phage that was contaminating many other students plates?

    1. We do not know for sure, however it is very likely that it is the same phage. On initial contamination we conducted two plaque assays, one with top agar, and one with top agar and phage buffer. We found the phage buffer was the contamination and reconducted the experiments with new phage buffer. Out of the two phages during our early plaque assays we think we chose the contamination phage for isolation without knowing.

    1. O cluster is typically not seen as much compared to other phages. By characterizing this phage we will have a better understanding of O cluster phages for future research.

    1. We could induce ultra violet light or harsh environmental conditions in order to cause the prophage to excise out and express lytic genes.

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