6 thoughts on “P72 – Meadows

  1. Hey! I like how you talked about how this experiment plays a role in the bigger scientific community. Based on the plaque assays that you got, how did you know if they were temperate or lytic? Also, were you able to do a restriction digest on your phage?

    1. I knew that they were temperate as they had a cloudy, turbid ring on the outside; meaning that the plaque was not completely lysed so therefore it was temperate. They were also bigger in size than lytic plaques generally are.

    2. And no we unfortunately did not get far enough in our experiment in order to do a restriction digest.

  2. Nice job! I think your use of images was useful, especially in the results section. What would you do differently if you had to repeat your experiment?

    1. Since we did not get very far in our experiment, if we had to repeat the experiment I would be very careful in picking my soil for enrichment making sure that it showed promising results for our experiment. I would also make sure to be extra aware of looking for contamination in my phage buffer and top agar every lab period. I would also make sure to use very good sterile lab technique while doing everything.

  3. Hi, I wanted to ask how phages kill the bacteria that are antibiotic resistant? Would it kill normal bacteria in the body as well or are they able to be more targeted?
    Also, what is a subphage cluster?

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