8 thoughts on “P8 – Guzman

  1. Are the restriction enzymes reducing the expression of the phage?
    Is 66% of the clusters mean that is a good match?

    1. The restriction enzymes are cleaving the phage’s DNA in order to get the information of how many cuts are made by each enzyme we used. The 66% match is not the best match, but it was the closest match to our phage to determine the phage’s cluster. The higher the percentage of a cluster, the closer the match it will be!

  2. How would you have done your experiment differenly looking back on the results that you gathered? If you had performed your experiment this way instead, how would you expect your results to be different?

    1. For the most part, we have had little to no errors other than the PCR in which we couldn’t get an exact match for the cluster. Although our quality control could have been clearer, it was enough to move forward but it could still be a step that can and might need to be repeated.

  3. Hi Mayleen, you mentioned that you want to redo your PCR test. I was wonder way that is?

    1. Hi Ciara! The reason for wanting to redo the PCR test is to get a clearer idea of what cluster our phage belongs to. By re-doing it would involve only using the O cluster to clarify if this cluster is the correct one.

  4. Hello, I was wondering what does the medium length of the plaque in meters tell you?

    1. Hello! The medium length in diameter of the plaque simply means that the phage may also be medium.

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