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  1. Awesome job with your presentation. It is amazing to see that your phage was successful. One question I had was that, Is there a certain experiment you could perform to see if your phage is able to affect M Tuberculosis or can you do the same experiment you just conducted. Also is there a safer alternatives to M Tuberculosis that you can use in future experiments, so that you could perform the experiment in a CU lab setting. It would be really cool to see if your phage was able to tackle the m tuberculosis strain which could really help a lot of the medicinal companies with phage therapy.

    1. The experiments performed would be pretty similar which is testing our phage with M. Tuberculosis on plates in a lab to see if its capable of infection through the appearance of plaques. I haven’t done much research on alternatives, but from what I have gathered M. Bovis on the phylogenic tree is another bacteria that causes Tuberculosis but typically only seen in cattle. From that, I would think that would be a safer alternative to test in a lab and would also open the possibilities to testing the phage therapy on animals before humans.

  2. Do you think that phage therapies should only be reserved for drug resistant infections? Theoretically, would there be downsides to administering them on more simple bacterial infections?

    1. I don’t think there would be a downside on administering them on more simple infections, but there also isn’t enough research to be sure of that yet. However, in some of the research journals I read, it does seem that phage therapy works best in those that are immunosuppressed compared to those with a stronger immune system which could pose some issues when it comes to more simple infections.

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