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    1. Thank you! My expected results were to isolate a single bacteriophage and used isolated phage DNA to determine the size of the phages genome and the cluster of the phage through restriction digestion and PCR amplification. Unfortunately, We were invaded by the Corndog phage (already discovered) so we were unable to go through the archiving process.

  1. What is the importance of the size and cluster of the phage and how would that impact the effectiveness of the phage?

    1. If I was looking for a phage to isolate for phage therapy the cluster and information of its genome would be important to see if a certain phage would work to treat a disease. Knowing the genome size and the cluster will allow us to figure out what bacteria a certain phage will infect.

    1. A web pattern plate is a necessary step in producing a high titer lysate. To make a high titer lysate you flood a web pattern plate with phage buffer and filter that solution to get the high titer lysate. This is what is used to calculate a titer.

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