7 thoughts on “P83 – Blackmer

  1. Why do you think the DNA ladder on your gel was blurred but you had a thick band for your phage DNA?

    1. The thick band showed that our phage was good quantity but the reason for why it was not of good quantity is possible due to error in running. We would need to do DNA isolation and run another gel to know exactly why it occurred.

  2. Hi! Great job on your poster and presentation. If you reran the gel, would you expect the same results? Or was the blurred image relevant to the results? Thanks and great job again!

    1. Thank you, it is possible that if we were to rerun the gel we may get different results. However we didn’t have enough time to be able to check that so either there was some sort of error or it is simply so that the quality of the gel was not good.

  3. Why would you look in soil for this bacteriophage instead of other locations? do soil phages in particular have a good likelihood of possible uses for antibacterial causes?

    1. We looked to find them in the soil mainly based on the easy accessibility to soil. Bacteriophage can be found in other places, it is random as to what phage exactly you may find in a particular place.

  4. Do you have any ideas as to what error occurred during DNA isolation to result in a low quality DNA isolate?

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