8 thoughts on “P50 – Foucher

  1. Great presentation! What are A4 and L clusters and what is the significance of this distinction?

    1. Clusters are a way of categorizing phages! Phages in the same clusters share similar qualities and can infect similar bacteria.

    1. We had to dilute the concentration of phage by performing serial dilutions and then we did a plaque assay to get a countable number (20-200) plaques which we used to calculate the titer which is basically the phages concentration 🙂

  2. great gel figure, what is significant about the titer calculated and what does this indicate

    1. Well first I would like to get a definite answer for which cluster the phage is in and from there I would test on bacteria that those clusters are known to infect. However, since this phage has proven to infect m. smeg it has potential to infect bacteria similar to that such as m tuberculosis which we could use to test because of the similarity of the bacterias.

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