8 thoughts on “P51 – Farrell

  1. Hi there, I was wondering what exactly you did to isolate that singular phage from your initial plate that you suspected had a large variety of phages on it?

    1. Thanks for your question! We isolated the phage on the plate by heavily diluting the initial phage lysate we obtained from our soil sample, until only one species remained, which was indicated by the very consistent plaques formed.

  2. Nice job on your presentation! Could you explain why you decided to isolate the bacteriophage PestoCraig?

    1. It was mostly random that PestoCraig was the phage we isolated – it could have been any of the species on the initial plate, which unfortunately is hard to guess the number for because having the whole plate cleared didn’t allow for much plaque inspection. Thanks so much for the question! 🙂

  3. Thank you for this interesting presentation! I’m curious, did you name this bacteriophage (and if so is there an anecdote behind this particular name?) or did you identify it as an already reported (and named) bacteriophage?

    1. My partner and I did name it, actually. The lab we worked in was situated directly beneath Foolish Craig’s in Porter, and we got coffee there a lot while working on this project so we named it as a little nod to them… as for the pesto part, we knocked a few things around and unfortunately GorgonzolaCraig was one letter too long, so PestoCraig it was! Thanks for the comment!

  4. How did you decide which phage to select from figure 2? What made you know they were lytic?

    1. The phage we ended up isolating from the initial enrichment plate was pretty random. Since the whole plate was cleared, it was hard to get a read on exactly how many species were on the first plate, but PestoCraig was the one we ended up isolating by chance. We could tell they were lytic because the plaques were very clear and well-defined at the edges – temperate phages tend to have very fuzzy and gradual edges due to the presence of lysogenic bacteria. Thanks so much for the comment!

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