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  1. You mentioned that you did not have success with the soil from Kittredge Pond. Are there other locations where you believe the soil may contain new phages?

    1. we were able to isolate phage! Phage can be found really anywhere, or may not. There is no specific way to tell what locations may have phage and what locations dont.

    1. we ran our phage data in a database that found phages very similar to our phage characteristics and those were in the L cluster so that is how we were able to hypothesize the L cluster

  2. You did a great job explaining everything. Do you know why your PCR Experiments didn’t work and are there other methods that could be used to determine the group?

    1. Thank you! We are not sure why the PCR did not work, we are thinking it may be an issue related to the enzymes because the rest of the groups on the same gel also did not get results. I am not sure if there are any other methods that could be used, none that I am aware of!

  3. You did a great job presenting. Do you know why the PCR Experiments didn’t work and is this a common issue for the L Phage group?

    1. I do know that the L cluster is a relatively rare cluster, so the L cluster enzyme could have been a reason for unsuccessful PCR.

  4. You mentioned that your results were not entirely clear in classifying your phage in the L cluster, do you think that’s just because of the rarity of the L cluster or something else?

    1. Yes this is a possibility, However I also think it could be an issue with the enzymes we used but yes the L cluster is pretty rare so that is an idea!

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