8 thoughts on “P89 – Nguyen

  1. Hi, Nguyen. Great presentation! What did you use as your negative and positive controls for this experiment?

    1. Hello! Good question. I used phage buffer for my negative control on the spot tests. Since I did not complete a DNA quality control or PCR, what was the only form of control that was used for this experiment. Thank you!

    1. Outside of porter biosciences on the side closest to the rec center pathway!

  2. Great presentation! The use of bacteriophages to target bacteria is very interesting. Is it possible for bacteria to develop resistance against phages as they do antibiotics?

    1. Yes, this is known to be one of the main disadvantages of phage therapy. However, not all phages have this fault.

  3. What are some characteristics that a phage must have to be used for phage therapy?

    1. They need to have the correct binding proteins in order to attach to the membrane of the bacterial cell, which is why we needed to use a specific bacteria (M. Smeg) for the experiments! Phage therapy also typically uses lytic and temperate phage lifecycles since it is effective at killing all the bacteria.

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