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    1. Hi! Thank you so much for the question. Titer is a measure of concentration, it tells how many plaque forming units per milliliter are present in the liquid. For example, my resulting High Titer Lysate was 4.0*10^9 pfu/ml, meaning that there were 4.0*10^9 plaque forming units per a milliliter of my sample.

  1. Great presentation! How did you find your Phage and what made you pick it?

    1. Finding the phage was very easy, we just collected a soil sample at the CU Boulder campus and after several steps we obtained a plate with multiple phages. From this point we just picked one of the plaques that formed on it and moved on to the next step that allowed us to narrow down to only one typpe of phages – it was the purification.

  2. I think I would definitely focus more on time so that I would be able to perform further experiments, especially DNA isolation that would allow us to sequence the phage.

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