9 thoughts on “P52 – O’Malley

  1. Hi Izzy, I just wanted to know why in your future directions it would be important to determine what cluster your phage belongs to?

    1. Determining the cluster our phage is in can help find out other groups of phages that are similar to ours, which can help us widen our options for phage therapy.

  2. By inducing mutations in your phage, what would be the desired result and how would the overall use of mutagenics on your bacteriophage be beneficial in further understanding your phage?

    1. Each phage is unique to the bacteria it is trying to kill. Inducing mutations in the phage can help engineer it to be as similar as possible to the bacteria of the disease phage therapy is trying to cure.

  3. Great presentation! This is just my ignorance, but what is the significance of “temperate” and “o cluster” for possible future use of the phage?

    1. Thank you! Temperate phages in phage therapy can kill the host bacteria or slow down its growth, which can help cure diseases.

    1. Unlike antibiotics, phages destroy the cell wall and membrane and ultimately kill the host bacteria completely. Phage is uniquely designed to attach to antibiotic resistant bacteria, while not harming any health bacteria in the body.

  4. Would it be possible to do even more dilutions to get more accurate results or would that not give significant data?

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