8 thoughts on “P93 – Chaffee

  1. In your future experiments, how would you isolate DNA from the phage to analyze it? You did great!

    1. Thank you! I would be more careful when adding the nuclease because I believe it was that that caused degradation in the DNA sample

  2. Overall great presentation. You said your phage was lytic, how would you plan to study its effectiveness against bacteria? What knowing the family it is from contribute to its effectiveness as a possible treatment?

    1. For testing the effectiveness against bacteria, it would be best to perform a plaque assay and observe how to fights the bacteria. In regards of possible treatments, it could be use for infections caused by tuberculosis since it is in the same family

  3. What does this phage being lytic mean in terms of possible future applications? Additionally, do you have any suspects for which cluster it might belong to?

    1. Since the phage is lytic, it is more recommended for phage therapy because of its lack of repressor proteins that temperate phages have. As far clusters go, it is difficult to make a hypothesis since we never made it past DNA isolation

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