8 thoughts on “P54 – Mifflin

  1. What were some limitations you encountered during your experiment, how did it affect your results and how can you overcome the limitations?

    1. Great question, our main limitation was time- because we had to take many rounds to purify just our phage, we had little time to characterize it further.

  2. Thank you for sharing. What is the most challenging aspect of working with bacteriophages?

    1. Avoiding contamination is the most difficult because there are so many organisms that are microscopic and we can not see, so lots of people had corn dog phage contamination, and bacterial contamination

    1. Because m. smegmatis is in the genus that turburculosis is in, so if the phage infected this bacteria, it is more likely to infect turbculosis

    1. It gives a quantitative representation for how “strong” the phage is. That is, if the titer was a lot more concentrated, we could infer the phage is effective at infecting and lysing

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