8 thoughts on “P96 – Vasten

  1. Wow this was very well explained! You talked about how phages could be used to treat bacterial infections, has this ever been done before?

    1. Thank you! yes, it has been done and proven successful before, but are usually only used as a last resort since the research on this treatment is not complete

  2. Great job! Phages would definitely be an advantage in treating an infection, especially if it’s antibiotic resistant! But, do you know if one treatment is more effective or successful than another? (Phages vs. Antibiotics?)

    1. Thats a good question, both treatments have benefits and drawbacks to them. However, if the infection is antibacterial resistant, the phages are much more successful at curing that!

  3. I think you did a great job! Would you happen to know why temperate phages leave a cloudy ring in their plaques?

    1. Thank you! Since temperate phages don’t lyse the cell right away, it doesn’t burst immediately, leaving a cloudy ring.

  4. Did you have any future directions with your phage? Would you want to test the effectiveness of your phage on E. coli, or would you rather take your research experience a different direction?

    1. I think I would want to solidify my hypothesis for what subcluster my phage is in, then find if there are any other bacteria besides M. smeg that it can lyse.

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