8 thoughts on “P57 – Addison

    1. A cluster is a group of similar phages! It’s important to determine the cluster of a phage because there is such a large diversity of phages. Similar clusters will possibly have similar genes, host ranges, proteins, etc.

    1. If the DNA was not high quality the bands shown would most likely not be bright, or possibly not even show up!

  1. Thanks so much for your presentation! Do lytic and temperate bacteriophage differ in their clinical applications?

    1. I hope you enjoyed it! And yes, they do differ! Lytic phages immediately lyse the bacteria they infect, so they are the phages we are able to use in phage therapy! However, we can make temperate phages enter the lytic lifecycle!

    1. Sadly, the plate most likely was not fully covered with the lysate. So, a large clearing appeared. Another possibility though is that the plate slid before being incubated!

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