8 thoughts on “P99 – Carol

  1. Amazing presentation, super well explained! Given more time in the lab, how would you expand upon your current research, particularly in a real life, hands-on setting?

    1. Thank you! I would want to continue by testing the host range of the phage. Though phage have very specific surface receptors, it is possible that the phage may have a wide host range.

  2. Hi! Given more time, would you test your phage against different bacteria? Which ones and why them, if so.

    1. if given the opportunity to do so, it would be interesting to see if my phage can infect pathogenic mycobacteria such as mycobacterium abscessus or tuberculosis, which would make it a potential candidate for phage therapy

  3. Nice job! How did you choose the percentage of agarose gel? Did its viscosity have to be adjusted?

    1. Thank you! and no, the percent agarose was given to us in the lab manual and kept constant. Increasing the percentage might have resulted in clearer banding and DNA separation.

  4. This presentation was very well done! Why do the lytic phages produce clear plaques? Is this just due to the host immediately undergoing lysis?

    1. Thank you! and yes, they produce clear plaques because the infected cells are immediately lysed.

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