7 thoughts on “S11 – Yoshimura

  1. You mentioned that the main process for putting the needed genes into the soybean was by using a bacteria based plasmid. Are there any other types of alternatives to using a bacteria based plasmid, and what would be some of the pros and cons of using a different method for inserting these genes via an alternative method.

    1. As far as I am aware bacterial plasmids are the golden standard for building a transgenic construct.

  2. Great Poster! When talking about your future directions, you mentioned adding a promoter region and terminator. How do you plan to do this in the plasmid?

    1. Good question, the promorer and terminator will both be added via golden gate assembly.

  3. Great Presentation! Is there a method you can use to maximize the amount of E. coli growth and plasmid DNA you get from one round of experimentation?

    1. Thanks, you can increase E. coli growth by growing in a larger volume of medium.

  4. Very impressive presentation! When preparing the plasmid, what was the purpose of adding genes with different enzymes to create the triple helix formation?

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