The Spring 2019 CURE Symposium took place in the Glenn Miller Ballroom at the University Memorial Center at University of Colorado Boulder. Nearly 400 students representing seven course-based undergraduate research courses (CUREs) offered in the Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology presented research posters on their work from the spring semester (Abstract Book). Student representatives from six of the courses also presented their research in S2019 Compiled Talks.

Characterizing novel mycobacteriophages – Arij Gabir & Scott Ryder (Phage Genomics I)

A close examination of mycobacteriophage scaffolding proteins in Kenuha – Daria Nicke & Daniel Feeny (Phage Genomics II)

Graviola: a potential chemotherapy in model of head and neck cancers – Lisa Hansen (Discovery-based Laboratory II)

Investigating autophagy in T. thermophila – Kyo Lee (Cell Biology Laboratory)

Analysis of gene expression in the Burmese python liver – Helen Bassett (The Python Project)

Characterizing rtn3 expression and function in Xenopus laevis – Thomas Sizemore