14 thoughts on “D25 – Grace

  1. great job! do you think that this compound could have potential chemotherapeutic and radiation protector qualities? Since your data seems to have both low and high survival rates, do you think it could have something to do with the molecular structure or dosage?

    1. Thank you! Yes this compound does have radiation protector qualities. I think it has to do with the dosage.

  2. Could you explain more on why you had to use ethanol instead of DMSO as you negative control?

  3. Why do you think the ethanol had a lower survival rate than expected? Great job!

    1. We are unsure which is why we would want to further test the effects that ethanol has on the flies. Thanks!

    1. Because the mixture was above two standard deviations and this mixture also had the highest percent of survival.

  4. Nice presentation! My only question is what would be your next step in terms of ethanol? Do you think further testing would give you better answers on your trend in your hypothesis?

    1. Thank you! The next step would be to see the effects of ethanol on cancer cells as well as further testing of ethanol on flies.

  5. Nice poster. Do you think that increasing your sample size would lead to a better result? Is it surprising the ethanol survival rate?

    1. Thank you! Yes I think increasing the sample size would help tremendously with results and yes the ethanol survival rate was surprising.

  6. Nice presentation! Would the bitter leaf combined with radiation have a similar effect on noncancerous cells like chemotherapy does?

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