6 thoughts on “D85 – Sloane

    1. We got to pick Safranal! We chose it due to its promising effect on apoptosis, which is a cell’s ability to die, among other anti tumor effects. It has been found to only affect apoptosis in cancerous cells, so it won’t hurt healthy cells which will lead to a reduction in patient side effects. We didn’t dive deeply into other spices. When we found Safranal, we knew we wanted to use this.

    1. We don’t know yet! We didn’t have anything below a hit, but with our future directions, we may be able to fix these problems and make it a hit. If we were able to do this, it may give patients another option that could have lower side effects than other chemotherapeutics on the market.

  1. How exactly does the pairing with a efflux pump inhibitor will increase its effectiveness?

    1. Efflux pumps are what push things out of cells, so an efflux pump inhibitor will allow fewer things to leave the cell over the same amount of time. If an efflux pump inhibitor is used in combination with our compound, it will keep Safranal in the cell for longer, yielding a more toxic effect.

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