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    1. DNA wizards are used to isolate DNA. They trap the DNA in them so that you can filter out everything other than the DNA. Phages are placed in groupings called clusters and our Corndog phage was part of this cluster grouping.

  1. When using phage therapy to target and kill bacteria does that only work on bacteria free floating, or can it also be used on bacteria already associated with a human cell?

    1. I am fairly certain that it only works on bacteria that is already associated with a human cell. The bacteria must be attacking the human cells in order to be aware of the illness. Once the illness is identified, phage therapy can be applied.

    1. The Corndog phage is not usually found in soil samples, therefore, it invaded our lab. Due to it’s invasion, it can be assumed that the Corndog phage infects M. smeg quite easily.

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